Wednesday, November 02, 2005

20 Unknown or Obscure facts about me, Kingster

  1. I sleep with my right eye half open but the eye ball floats up to give my eye a white look.

  2. I remember almost nothing of my childhood.

  3. I don’t believe in God, but believe in Aliens and Ghosts.

  4. I can’t sleep if someone is touching me. I could just be about to doze off, but if a stray foot or hand even brushes me, I come quickly awake.

  5. I love cleaning and throwing things out. It give’s me a tremendous buzz to see a once messy room clean.

  6. I cry at films and major sporting events. I wept like a baby when Sir Steve Redgrave won his 5th consecutive gold Medal in Sydney.

  7. My family mean everything to me.

  8. I have seen three of my children born and one die in my arms.

  9. I often think about what McKenzie Gemma King would be like today if she had lived.

  10. I really do not fear dying.

  11. I can’t wait to retire, I think about it every working day.

  12. Roller Coasters do not scare me at all. If they were dangerous, they wouldn’t let you on.

  13. I used to dream about being in a plane crash and living on a desert Island and surviving for years. I still do dream about it

  14. I can’t sing, but love to sing. I wish I had a good singing voice.

  15. I love to spend money on anything, but mainly electrical Equipment and Gadget’s.

  16. I rarely ever worry about money, as life will provide. If you borrow money, it’s the banks problems to try and get it back from you; not your problem to try and pay them back. They make Billions in profit, sod them.

  17. I am a great believer in Corporal punishment. I would bring the death penalty back for almost ALL offences. If people know they would be hanged for burglary etc, then I would think that 90% of them wouldn’t do it. The other 10% would then only have to do it once. It just makes plain sense to me.

  18. I think they should bring back national service. It would put the GREAT back into Great Britain and put some discipline into the younger generation.

  19. I ALWAYS blame the Parents. It is their fault there kids are rude, ill-disciplined yobs etc. Kids learn from their parent’s. It happens throughout the animal kingdom.

  20. I would do anything to go into space and be an astronaut.

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