Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Finally Sorted it…..

We had a problem on this blog, in that it appeared fine in Mozilla Firefox, but in IE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) it didn’t.

What it did was push the right hand column all the way to the bottom of the page.

Do you know what it was?? Do you.

Now this is after the Web Page Professional amongst us, who literally had his own Web Design Company, blamed me and my posts, as I use the Blogger Word Plugin.

Well the problem was…… Width.

A couple of the Posts… (not mine) had extremely long URL’s in them that were technically longer than the allowed width. Firefox handled this but IE didn’t. As they were one long string, IE couldn’t wrap them, so it made the Right Hand Column start after them.

I simply, hid the lengthy URL behind a Hyperlink and everything is fine.

Yeah Me !

Carry On.


Donna said...

Yeah you !

Ady Hall said...

But it is still not fixed.

I stand by the 'extra code' forced in by the word add-on thing. One word for you . . . Microsoft.