Friday, November 04, 2005

Firefox is catching up IE

Well actually not… I think that is called editorial licence. IE stills holds 85.5% of the market share. But apparently hot on its heels is Mozilla Firefox, with 11.5% of all people surfing the net using it.

I personally use it and enjoy it a lot more than IE. I particularly like the tabs option of opening new pages, it so much cleaner and easier to follow.

Apparently it is so good an idea that Microsoft have put “open in tabs” in the next IE version, IE 7.

Another thing with Firefox is the themes. Not that I really use it, but you can download loads of different skins to make you Browser look different. Or of course you can create your own skins as it is an open source application.

You can also get loads of Plugins that do various wonderful and exciting things. The only I use is a Weather Bar to show me the weather forecast for next five days… why I need it, I have no idea. This is the Isle of Man; it’s going to be rainy. I might as well just use permanent marker on my screen and draw rain clouds.

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