Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Kings Halloween 2005 Party

Saturday evening saw the Annual (or to be Annual) King’s Halloween or Hop Tu-Naa Party. This was an extravagant Costume Ball, invitations were much sort after, with rumours they were changing hands for thousands of pounds on eBay.

Which makes the fact that some people who were given an invite and had promised to turn up, didn’t, but I digress.

Anyhoo, even Paris Hilton and ex-Big Brother celebs couldn’t get in.

Those that had the grace and good fortune to turn up were, Paul, Max, Ady, Dave, Jayne, Steve, Yvonne, Paul, Suzanne, Mel, Tony, Mal and Jeanette, with only Mel staying sober.

Everyone really made the effort and all the costumes were excellent

The day actually started at 12.15 when Maxine & I started putting up all the Halloween decorations and setting the atmosphere. This was finally finished at 6.00pm, which allowed an hour to relax before getting into our costumes.

Of course, first to turn up was Ady in a fantastic Satan costume, he looked very impressive.

Mummy and Horny Satan Posted by Picasa

He appeared very tall and menacing. Here he is with me, I’m the Mummy

Then came the neighbours, Dave and Jayne. Dave had gone for a more debonair Devil, a sort of 00 satan. (ie. 007)

00Satan and Jayne Posted by Picasa

Jayne was actually wearing her daughters Halloween Dress, but don’t tell any one.

Then Paul and Suzanne made their grand entrance, Suzanne had followed the rest of the (or most of them anyway) and had gone for Witch, whilst Paul was a Mad Scientist.

Paul the Mad Scientist and Suzanne Posted by Picasa

Malcolm and Jeanette then arrived all the way from Peel, Mal as a Vampire and Jeanette as another Witch.

Malcolm and Jeanette Posted by Picasa

Steve & Yvonne also commuted from a great distance (Kirk Michael) and both looked stunning.

Steve and his Goth Vampire Wife Posted by Picasa

Yvonne as a Vampire Goth and Steve as a Vampire Cowboy (or something like that, I actually forget what he’s actually was).

And last but by no means least, Tony and Mel turned up, Tony as a Grand Mummy Monster and Mel as a Witch or something. Who knows.

Mel And Tony (Mummy and Mummy) Posted by Picasa

That only left Maxine, my co host and beautiful wife. Maxine was a Spider Widow.

Maxine the Spider Widow Posted by Picasa

The party was soon jumping, actually everyone was just stood around drinking, but that was the idea of the evening anyway.

After a few hours of eating and drinking someone (Maxine) suggested Twister… I’ll save you the embarrassment of the pictures for that.

Anyhoo, there was lots of drink (including Thai Whiskey), much laughter and lots of merriment. No one remembers going home apart from Mel who was sober, and she left at 01.30am.

A great night and thanks for all those that turned up.

Later Days

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