Thursday, November 10, 2005

Serenity - the Movie Review

Four of us on the rock went to watch the latest Sci-fi movie, Serenity.

Excellent movie – thoroughly enjoyable piece of rough’n’ready sci-fi entertainment. Punching all the right buttons with humour, action, women with guns (and axes), space battles, nasty baddies, nastier goodies, snappy dialogue and gettable storyline.

Although a big budget affair, some scenes did seem to ‘leap’ where a little padding and explanatory ‘cut-to’s’ were called for. And they tried to slip in a few alterno-words to up it’s scifinessness. Small quibbles, though, from a thoroughly enjoyable film from Ross Whedon. Who, it has to be said, likes his chicks to fight in a dirty, slinky, bendy way. Some manly laugh out loud bits and some girly scream shocks.

It’s a Manx Lads double thumbs up recommendation from the rock.

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