Thursday, November 03, 2005

Trench Foot

I want, neigh, need a new TV. I have my eye on a very, very nice Panasonic 37” HD Ready Plasma TV. Unfortunately, it cost around £2500, as such; I need to try to save money if I am to buy this in January.

Because of this cost cutting exercise, I have actually put up with holes in the bottom of both my shoes. However, today, after working to work on yet another rainy Manx day, I am at my breaking point. I have suffered all day with completely wet socks. Moreover, as the day has worn on, they have more and more got on my nerves. I really do believe I am developing “trench foot”.

The only option I have is to send, £40 on another pair of shoes, which seems silly to me as the uppers are fine and it is just the holes in the soles that are the problem.

That is until I found this


I just have to squeeze it in the holes and then it sets solid.


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Anonymous said...

I am so afraid of Trench Foot. It is a severe fear of mine