Friday, November 04, 2005

A very Nice Man, but boy did he wind me up

I was at the Doctors this morning, don’t ask why as it’s starting to wind me up now.

Anyhoo, my Doctor is the nicest man ever. I shit you not. He is a real old time Gent. An extremely affable chap. I always enjoy going to see him, no matter what the complaint.

However, there were a couple of things that really wound me up at today’s appointment. One wasn’t actually his fault, but the other was.

You see, computer keyboards are touch sensitive. You only have to brush them really to register you requested alpha or numerical symbol. My Doctor in his zeal to get my symptoms’ down on his system was banging each key as if he was at a Fair Ground Test your Strength machine. The force of each downward stroke was enough to break the back of the hardiest pack animal.

That was my first irritant. The second I suppose was out of his control.

Someone had scanned in the results of my last blood test at a wonky angle….


So when he pulled up the results on his system they were off by at least 30 Degrees. They were skew whiff. Isn’t that just so annoying? So there we are looking at this image and he didn’t seem fazed at all. I was screaming inside my head, “No, they aren’t straight. Delete the image and get them to scan it in properly, How can we read the content when we are fixated at the jaunty angle of the image.”

If it isn’t a Right Angle, it’s a Wrong Angle…


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