Monday, November 14, 2005

A wise man

God (not that I believe in him but so the saying goes) gave us TWO ears and only ONE mouth.

Which means we should spend twice as much time listening, than talking?

However, he also gave us 10 fingers, which means, we are 10 times more likely to upset someone when we type something, then when we speak it.

I am returning to my silent persona, I shall no longer Blog and but I shall continue to read and keep my opinions to myself.

Good Bye once again.

In closing may I add in my defence?

Primary Characteristics of Aquarians

    * Generous
    * Tolerant

Positive Personality Traits

    * Friendly
    * Independent and intellectual
    * Loyal and honest
    * Original and inventive


    * Can be intractable and contrary
    * Can be unemotional/cold and detached
    * Sometimes perverse and/or unpredictable

That is all.

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