Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Round Up

Well we didn’t go anywhere or actually do much but it was a fantastic long weekend. It seemed to be a lot longer than the 4 days it was, probably as I was up so early everyday.

The highlight of the weekend, I suppose was buying the Guinea Pigs, who are officially called, Nemo & Boo, but collectively called “The Boyz”. Whilst cleaning them out on Sunday, Boo found a whole in the garden perimeter and ended up under the Decking, which could have been a nightmare. Luckily I didn’t panic, I just left a carrot near the entrance and he eventually showed up 20 mins later, just don’t tell the kids.

Apart from that, it was a lazy sunny weekend.

Lewis is in his play this evening, so we are all off to the Theatre to watch All My Sons. He met the rest of the cast this afternoon at 2.00pm and had his one and only rehearsal and then has the actual play tonight at 7.30pm. Fingers crossed that a) he remembers his lines and b) that the play is entertaining whilst he isn’t on stage.

The lads are popping round Thursday evening to play Halo, and talk shitte, and next Wednesday we are all meeting up again in Bar George. Hopefully Michael will be back from his 2 year extradition to Canada to join the party.

I noticed this weekend that my 11 year old son has the same size hands as me, which was a bit spooky. Either I have small girly hands, or Callum is going to be a big lad.

That’s it really, apart from the news that people are regularly having sex well up to their eighties… Well it’s good news for us oldies, and I’m sorry for the mental picture.

Plus this Story explains why every time I look at my wife I can’t make any decisions’.

In other news, Billy Bragg is playing on the Island next month. I used to really like Billy when I was in the Army and had a couple of his early Albums. Remembering that was back in 1988, which of course was a few years back. So I was half tempted to go and see him, but I can’t really be arsed and would rather spend the £15 on something else.

Later Days

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