Monday, April 10, 2006

Long Weekend

I decided that work wasn’t for me at the moment and took a long weekend as a last minute thing on Thursday. Friday was fantastic, just relaxing and waiting for Tomb Raider Legends to be delivered. When it finally was delivered, I ripped it open and threw it in the Xbox 360 and waited for it to boot up. However, it came up with an error message, it turns out that had sent 200 of the Xbox versions out instead of the 360 version, DOH! So I shot downtown and bought it there.

Can I just add to those Lara Croft fans that she looks super hot.

Saturday was another lazy day, we picked Callum up, but he spent virtually all day in his room watching football, I hardly know him any more. And Saturday night we watched Underworld Evolution, which was at best just OK.

Sunday was a weird weather day; there was glorious sunshine in the morning, then rain and finally Snow. With the biggest snow flakes ever, honestly.

And today is another Day off, and I shall fill the morning with, ironing, hovering, empting the dishwasher, and playing with Lara.

Oh! One other final comment, I finally managed to bring defecation into the 21st Century. You know how a man can’t go to the toilet unless he has something to read? Well, I’ve gone one better, I’ve left the Nintendo DS in there, which has a load of mini-games on, that you can while away the 20/30 mins doing your movements.

That’ it really I’m going to enjoy the rest of the day, see the Lawyer tomorrow, and then it’s another long weekend starting on Friday.

Later Days


Donna said...

Thanks for that mental image ...

PaulB said...

I've long been a fan of games in the toilet. There is nothing like a good puzzle to help you let go...

Don't believe you about the snow though, isn't everywhere 30C in the shade, or is that just here in Egypt?