Monday, April 24, 2006

Weekend Roundup

Friday evening was a very quiet affair, Maxine relaxed in the bath and I relaxed with the ironing.

Saturday, Maxine spent virtually all day cleaning the house, and Daniel and I did various things around town, including the park. Then Daniel went to his grandmothers and Max & I went up to the Cat. We were looking forward to a Steak & Bake, but when we got there it was packed full of people watching some football match. So we had a quick drink and decided to go down Bar George. Luckily there was no football on and we settled down for the evening. For nibbles we had Sweet Potato Chips and sweet chilli dip, which is now my favourite snack ever. Unfortunately, I had a full bottle of Red to myself, and “may” have started a little argument, but since I can’t remember leaving the pub, I’ll pretend that didn’t happen.

We had just got home, and were half undressed when my Mum’s next door neighbour phoned. My mum had tripped and caught the edge of the bedroom door with her face as she fell. There was blood everywhere, luckily enough she didn’t knock herself out and managed to get next door. They rang me and I rang the Ambulance, which wasn’t easy as I was extremely coooooooooonted.

Anyway, the main thing is, is that she didn’t break anything, but has a lot of bruising and swelling around her face and she also hurt her hand as she fell. I think she was more embarrassed about getting everyone involved.

Sunday I went up to clean all the blood from the upstairs and made sure she was OK.

We then had a family trip to Silverdale to play in the park, go on the Carousel and the paddle boats. I think everyone enjoyed the day in the Sun.

That’s it really.

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