Monday, April 24, 2006

Which knee?

Manx people have this assumption that everything is better in bigger countries.

For example; my knee surgery. The guy who did mine is considered one of the very best surgeons on this continent. He does the surgery for many of the NHL Players etc. and I felt that he HAD to be better than the goons on the IOM.

However, I will say one thing for Dr. Green (of Nobles fame) as he did the same op. on my knee about 10 years back.

The Canuck put three half-inch holes in my knee, which currently have 6 stitches each and are surrounded by the kind of bruising normally shown on CSI murder victims.

Dr. Green did the same surgery with two miniscule holes which he glued shut and I had no bruising whatsoever.

Dr. Green may not be the best knee surgeon in the world (and may have an annoying Irish accent), but he certainly was delicate. And I like that in a surgeon.

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