Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I was going to spend my last morning off work playing Tomb Raider, but I decided to start by watching a new series I had recorded, Criminal Minds, and doing some ironing for an hour and then get stuck into Lara before collecting Daniel from Nursery.

However, I was enjoying the series so much, and the ironing that I gave up on Lara, and spent 3 hours ironing and watching TV.

What a fantastic way to spend a morning.

Plus in other news that I forgot to mention, we bought a Rabbit Hutch on Saturday, and when I went to pick it up, I told the Lady behind the counter that we had bought the hutch on Saturday, and I was here to pick it up. “Oh the Posh One”, which speaks volumes. Therefore, after spending £70 on a Rabbit (why do I always feel like putting double tt at the end of Rabbit) hutch it turns out we aren’t getting any Rabbit’s. We are now going for more children friendly Guinea Pigs. We best get something to put in the damn thing.

Off to the Lawyers in a few hours so I’ll let you all know what they say.

I think that’s it.

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