Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bastards and Money

My current, and I emphasize Current employers, are bastards. Firstly, they did not give me a bonus after our Company made MILLIONS in profits, in fact revenue for the first Qtr this year is $671 Million. They then promised me my MSCA training, which is a sum of 5 courses costing £5000 in total. I was sort of appeased at that, as that should make me more employable in the long run, plus they would be spending money on me, and finally I would get 25 days away from the office.

However, the bastards have shortchanged me; they have given me approval for ONE of the courses, what the fuck use is that. Coooonts.

So if anyone out there has a job going, which must be at least £35 grand a year, just shout.

Plus money, we don’t have any, and I hate people that do. It’s only the 4th of the month and we are already £600 overdrawn. I hate money. I hate everyone apart from my family today, and my poor friends. Bastards….

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