Monday, May 08, 2006

Bluff things for Work

Whilst in the Army I learnt that work is all about perception, the ability to look busy without being busy.

That’s where I learnt the Art of the Bluff Board and Bluff Keys. If you walk around with a wooden board with a Bulldog clip at one end and loads of paper clipped in, it look like you are in the middle of doing something really important.

Similarly if you have a huge set of keys with one key selected, it appears that at any moment you are about to open something really important and that hierarchy should leave you alone.

Well in the office environment I use Treesize Pro. It basically shows you various views, including chart views of all the data on a selected network drive. People see this and think, look at Paul and all that technical data on his screen, he really is keeping this network spick and span, let’s leave him alone and calculate his next years bonus.

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