Friday, May 19, 2006

Cotton Buds

So, I was sitting on the toilet, motioning. Ok, that's funny.


...I see the Cotton Buds container on the shelf so I grab it and have a quick read of the labelling, just to pass the time.

And, as we all know it says "Do not insert into the Ear Canal" which is where we all inevitably stick them. So my point is this; if they're not for cleaning out your ears, WHAT ARE THEY FOR?

I can think of no other part of my body that isn't better served by cleaning with a Power Shower, soap and a flannel.

So where? Up your nose, down your jappa, where? They're are so clearly made for cleaning a very small orifice.

They put the warning on the packaging just to get round being sued by newly deaf people. It's like putting "Do not smoke" on the side of a pack of ciggies.


1 comment:

Phil said...

As far as I know, cotton buds are made purely so that you can dress up your Action Men as Gladiators, arm them with cotton buds, and make them fight like they do on the telly.

Or is that just me?