Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How do you do it?

I was asked an interesting question by my Son last night, “How do you wipe your bum?”

Which was a very interesting question, I mean is there a correct way to do it, or is it what’s ever good for you. Was anyone taught the correct method growing up? I can’t remember being shown.

In the Army you are advised to use 3 sheets of toilet roll, One up, One down and One to shine.

I however, am an advocate, of approximately 7/8 sheets, with the first couple neatly folded over. I then wipe and fold over one sheet length and wipe again. This process is repeated till the anus area is spotless or if I run out of sheets, I rip off another 7/8 sheets and repeat.

In case you were interested, by Son grabs a “ball” of scrunched up toilet paper and vigorous wipes up and down.

I would be interested to hear of other peoples wiping process, I really would.

Well sort of interested, that is.


Donna said...

My Dad was very strict about this.

4 sheets, folded once then twice (hence giving 4 sheets thick, size 1 sheet). One wipe in upwards motion, then fold again, wipe again, discard.

Repeat til bum is clean. I'm not sure Dad allowed the repeat part - but you MUST continue til the paper comes away clean.

I haven't however actually taught my kids, I just leave them to it. They use Kandoos (or Tesco's own equivalent). I sometimes treat myself to a Kandoo too - for extra freshness, but then have to wipe with paper after so as not to feel damp.


car01 said...

We were taught how to wipe our bums at school (it was boarding school - need I say more). Most certainly you need to wipe until absolutely clean, but for maximum hygiene, you should always wipe front to back (ie away from all the other bits). Most blokes I've quizzed about this (and there have been more than I should probably admit to in polite company) tell me that they wipe forwards (towards the danglers). Nasty.