Friday, May 26, 2006

It’s been a while

As you may have noticed, there has been a lacking of posting recently. This is mainly because nothing is happening in our private lives, and too much is happening in our work lives to post any old shitte. I was unable to post at work for a while, and then when I found a way around that, I just could not be arsed anymore.

However, I thought I would make the effort today.

As for me, nothing is happening. My life is in limbo waiting for our little break away without kids in the Lake District, mind you that is in July and we booked it in January. Daniel is Nappy training now, and has been fantastic, I honestly think he has only had two accidents and they were in the first two days. The boy is simply years ahead of his peers.

I have not seen my older Son in a month, he hasn’t bothered coming up on the weekends as he’s too busy with his mates in Ramsey. Which makes me a little sad when I get his text (he doesn’t even bother to actually phone and speak to me), but hey, as I grew up I was the same with my Dad. So it’s all Karma, paying me back.

The middle Son’s career in the theatre is coming along nicely and he recently made it in to the Xmas Panto. He also collects his Oscar tomorrow.

The incredibly sexy woman I married has a new job, which should start in the next few weeks.

I have finally been given one of the courses at work, however, I had asked for Five, but they can’t do that, and will only approve them one at a time, even though the cost will be double for them. Plus it does mean that I have to stay with the company for two years, otherwise I would have to pay back the cost of the course.

I am also off to Guernsey for a couple of days in July for work.

Apart from that, there a three big Rugby games on this weekend:

Guinness Premiership Grand Final: Leicester v Sale, Sat Kick-off: 1500 BST
Super 14’s Grand Final: Crusaders v Hurricanes Sat Kick-off: 0835 BST
International: England v The Barbarians, Sun Kick-off: 1430 BST

One of the lads has booked his Sky HD installation and so we are all going round his to watch one of England World Cup games in stunning High Definition.  That’s more about the HD than the Football.

That is it really, apart from three out of the four of us that are meant to write on this blog are playing the same Xbox 360 game at the moment, which is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

There's a compelling main quest for you to follow, which takes about 40 hours to finish the first time through, but the majority of the game's content is peripheral to that main quest. You can root out evil in hidden dungeons, join and climb the ranks in a number of different guilds, visit all the different towns and try to solve everybody's problems, compete in a long series of gladiatorial battles to the death, break into someone's home and rob them in their sleep, get caught and face the consequences, contract a disease that leads to vampirism and then try to find a cure, buy a house, steal a horse, invest in your favorite shop, and, if you can believe it, there's much more.

This may be a role-playing game, but you could play it like a pure action game, or like a stealth game, or like an adventure game, and it'll still be at least as good, if not better, than games that are specialized in these regards.

That’s it for another week.

Later Days

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