Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's a Dogs Life

I feel a rant coming on.

Brucie Forsyth's daughter, Lezzie, has been the latest victim of a dog-napping. Her two Scottie Dogs (aka yappy tw*ts) were swiped from her car while she was busy feeding her face in a KFC.

So, Bruce and Lezzie have appeared on Good Morning UK to whinge like b*stards about this.

Now I have nothing against dogs; they make perfectly good food.

However, I hate celebrities. I can't believe that just because her father is a celebrity, this bitch gets national coverage to find her wretched mongrels. If I had my dog/goldfish/child swiped I wouldn't get that much exposure.

But what really prompted this blog was Brucie's total diva attitude.

Despite the fact that the stupid bitch shouldn't have locked the dogs in the car (hot day, cooked dog flesh etc), this is not where Brucie feels the blame lies. Lezzie was unable to set the car alarm because you can't set an alarm if there's something moving in the car (i.e. the dogs). He says that Car Manufacturs should solve this problem.

So, Ford, Chrysler, Renault, General Motors and Toyota should redesign their alarm systems in case you are a celebrity and want to lock your dogs in the car?

Gosh, what naughty Major Global Automotive Manufacturers for not thinking of this.


Donna said...

I had the same problem when I locked the kids in Dad's car to go to Tescos. When I got back my eldest said "the car kept beeping".

car01 said...

Our Ford Focus has a button inside which lets "small things run around inside" without setting off the alarm. Apparently it's only fitted to UK model cars (everyone else gets a button which globally closes or opens the windows).

Annie Rhiannon said...

Has anybody heard the band Dogs Die in Hot Cars? Great name for a band, but I wonder if they're any good?