Thursday, May 04, 2006

Touch Rugby, Car Keys

I played Touch Rugby last night, the first game of the season and it was a glorious sunny day to boot. I ran round like an idiot, refusing to give up the chase no matter how far ahead they were. In the first 10 mins I literally thought my chest would explode from the exertion, I had serious pains in my chest and head, but I ran through it and felt great. It’s amazing how much more vigorous sport is as opposed to exercise. The hour on the Rugby pitch only seemed like 20 mins, and I was completely fecked at the end. However, an hour in the Gym, feels like 2 hours and I’m only exhausted. I can’t wait till next week. Although my legs are killing me this morning, especially my right knee which has been giving me jip for the last few weeks. It might be time for a new one.

Anyway we finished Rugby and were all getting in our cars when one of the lads shouted that he had locked his Keys in the Car. So we spent a further 20 mins checking the pitch for them, just incase he had dropped them. We didn’t find them and so I gave him a lift to Peel, which means I was over an hour late getting home, which meant I missed seeing my little boy going to bed…

On the matter of the locked car, isn’t it strange how you get a certain guilty pleasure that it was someone else and not you? Or is that just me?

The evening was finished off watching the new Series 2 of Lost and a couple of glasses of wine.

All the lads are around tonight for beer and Xbox.

Later days

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