Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TT week and the Weekend that Was.

TT week has started and as usual that means wet weather. I always feel sorry for the poor sods that make it over every year. All they get is wet and robbed by the thieving Manxie’s who up the price on everything for a fortnight once a year. Mind you, I doubt any actual real honest to god Manxie’s own anything anymore. We are a dying breed.

To help get in to the TT spirit; we have a family sweepstake running on how many people will be killed this year.

I have 9 & 11, Wife has 5 & 12, Baby has 8 & 2, middle son has 3 & 7, eldest son 4 & 6.

So far we are up to 2 dead (first day) and two very critical… so the £5 is looking like it’s mine.

As for the weekend, nothing much. We did go out on Saturday night with a load of friends and had an extremely good evening, lots of cheap food and wine. I was extremely drunk and as far as I’ve heard back so far, I didn’t make an arse of myself and didn’t have a go at anyone.

Saturday afternoon as saw Sale Sharks crown Guinness Premiership Champions, winning their first silverware in 143 years… Well done lads, it was a cracking match.

We also had a family day at the Isle of Man Wild Life Park on Monday. Which was up to it’s usual poor standard. Half the attractions are empty. However, I was very impressed with the new Fruit Bat enclosure.

That’s it really, I’m trying to motivate the lads to go and see Xmen 3 this week, but it’s proving harder than I thought.

And in reply to Carol’s comment, I did buy a brand new HD LCD TV, but we’ve had it six months now, and so I want a new one… You know what boys and their toys are like.

And for all of those that can’t get to the TT party, here are a number of webcams available around the Island. (I haven’t tried them all)

Prom Cam:

Bay Cam:

Bay cam2:

Marina Cam:

Snaefell Cam:

A18 North bound Cam:

(Snaefell Mountain Road at the Bungalow)Laxey Valley Cam:

A18 South bound Cam:

(Snaefell Mountain Road at the Bungalow)Peel Cam:

At roughly eight o'clock tonight RadioTT.com will be web casting the activities from the Big Screen on Douglas promenade.

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