Wednesday, May 03, 2006

VB King

I spent all day yesterday programming. Well apart from reading blogs that is, and organizing Touch Rugby for tonight. However, the majority of time was spent being a developer.

It all started when I created a spreadsheet for someone at work, and they want to periodically sort the date columns to see which company was next due. So I decided to do a little Macro assigned to a button. It started with two buttons at the top of each column (one for Sort Ascending and one for Descending), then after some furious developing, I have one button that asks you if which way you want it sorted. But that still leaves one button at the top of each column. The next task I have given myself is a Customised Tool Bar Button that when you click it, you type the Column Letter you want sorting, and then it asks Ascending or Descending. If I get this to work, I can see me developing my own Operating System to rival Windows XP or even Vista within the week.

That is all.

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