Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muslims are NOT tossers

Back in February, I posted a blog entry here which included the following quote:

"WHY do these Muslims who love their own cultures and hate ours with equal intensity insist on leaving their homelands in their MILLIONS to come and live in ours? "

So, today I was interested to read this:

Apparently, John Reid received some heckling, and was told "How dare you come to a Muslim area"

Also it was suggested that "Tony Blair's "cronies" were not welcome in the area,"

So, I was wondering, is the Home Secretary of the Democratically Elected British Government not welcome in parts of London coz he's white? Or because he's christian? Or cos he's in New Labour? Would a Tory be more or less welcome? What about a lezzie?


p.s. I'm not suggesting that the Democratically Elected British Government aren't a bunch of tossers. But as tossers go, they're entitled to go where they please.

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