Friday, September 15, 2006

New Camera & Such

The nipper was playing with the Digi Camera last night and dropped in on the tiled floor, so we are now Cameraless (excluding the camera phone the wife and kids have). So today I shall mostly be salivating over new cameras on the Internet, and wondering where to get the money for a new one, also seeing if it is worth claiming off the house insurance.

Things to look forward to this weekend, well basically Rugby:

Super Legaue

Fri Sep 15 Wigan Warriors v Hull FC SS1 19.30

Sat Sep 16 Wakefield Wildcats v Castleford Tigers SS1 17.45

The Wakefield v Castleford should be a cracking game, as the loser get’s relegated. Either that or both sides will be that nervous that the first 60 mins could be crap. Then they’ll realise they have only 20 mins to secure they Professional livelihood and play like possessed demons. Which is why they invented Sky +, you never miss anything, and you fast forward through the shitte.

Guinness Premiership

Sat 16 London Irish v Bristol (2.45pm) SS2 2.30

That’s it really, Bye

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