Monday, September 04, 2006

Stevo Killed By A Stingray

So after years of swinging the worlds most deadly creatures around by their tales the Crocodile Hunter gets killed by one of the crappest animals on the planet – A Stingray, crikey.  People stand on these fish on quite a regular basis but dying from one of their stings is almost unheard of (you’d have to have a pretty strong allergic reaction to the poison).  Unfortunately (although in all honesty what are the chances that he didn’t have hold of it?) for Stevo he managed to get hit in the chest, close enough to his heart to finish him off. 


It’s a bloody shame though, many happy memories of a bunch of lads in the pub all doing their impressions “wahhh you wouldn’t wanna take a hit from this bloke, I’m gonna shove my thumb up his bum just to calm him down”.  He probably did more to get kids interested in animals and conservation in the past 5 years than anybody else, top 2 answers when you ask primary school boys what they want to do when they grow older, a footballer and the Crocodile Hunter.  Legacy left, jobs a good un.


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