Thursday, November 23, 2006

Drunk: A little

My wife was out last night, so I had an evening of me time. I was quite tired and so I thought I’d have a few battles on Halo, watch a little TV and then hit the sack around 1130pm.

Halo started well, but I was soon way out of my league, and felt the best way to help my team mates to win, was to eject myself from the game. I then decided to have a quick go on Age of Myth on the PC; it was at this point (around 10.00pm) that I had woken up enough to have a cider. As the battle progressed over the first hour I realised that my large bottle of Cider was empty and went to the fridge to replace, said bottle.

As my Army was finishing off any survivors, 2½ after I started, I also realised that I was very drunk and that I had to force down the last glass of cider. It was also 12.40am, lucky enough, my life partner didn’t come home till after 1.30am and so she didn’t notice that I was coooooooonted.

However, I had a great night.

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