Monday, November 06, 2006

Free Saddam!!

Yes, this week only, we will be offering ex-Tyrants at NO CHARGE (plus P&P).

But seriously. Yahoo ran a story that Britain was 'happy' with the verdict. I was wondering who they asked. They didn't ask me or anyone that I knew. We are a country opposed to Capital Punishment. And yet, we are apparently pleased in this case. Of course, Yahoo is an American company, which brings me to the point.

Saddam is (as far as my information has it) guilty. He's a bad man. He should be suitably punished. Cut off his arms and legs and put him a glass box in downtown Bagdad. Whatever. But Capital Punishment is the last resort of the intolerably stupid.

But what gets my goat is that he's been tried and judged by a corrupt...oh what's the point? The trial was unfair. The verdict was pre-agreed. The sentence is a crowd pleaser. The timing is votes-driven. The Judge and Jury are a bigger bunch of criminals than Saddam could EVER dream of being.

This shite will breed rage and hatred for another generation.

And when will Bush be in the dock? Never. The crimes of an American President are wiped clean after office. And who dares to invade the US in order to put him on trial?

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No one Really said...

Well Said Mikey Boy.

The Manx Liberation Army could always invade Washington DC.

We would need two weeks intensive Halo training of course.

PS. No one asked me either