Friday, November 17, 2006


A few posts ago Kingster highlighted the fact that the Isle of Man has one of the worst places in the UK for customer service. This, unfortunately, is true - and has been largely ignored by the Manxies (who are the first to complain about comeovers, stayovers, foreign-types and the Oirish).

An example of such poor service and general distaste to be helpful is the Regent Street Post Office.

Newly decked out in the finest interior design tax-free money can buy, you are led to a bank of seven desks between railings. At the end is a scruffy laminated sign stating "Please wait to be called"

Although each of the desks may have staff behind them, and maybe one or two of these serving customers, they will do their utmost to ignore anyone waiting to be served in a little game they call 'Phuq Ewe'.

And so the game begins! The 'don't look up and catch the eye of the (growing impatient by the minute) customer' and the 'click, click, click of my computer though God Knows how many times I can check the calendar and time on this thing - but at least I look busy' and the 'chat with colleague stretching across the divide to block vision' tactic.

There are many ways to win this game - and I have been victem to them all.

Ahhh - but at least you are faced with welcome and helpful assistance when you finally do get to a counter? Eh? Oh no - the fun only continues with exhasperated sighs, unhelpful comments, unnecessary and tedious distribution of stamps (what? 7 stamps for a UK letter - and how am I to stick them on the envelope? What? lick the back of them - after they've passed through your sweaty fingers . . .).

Anyhoo. I'm manx and have come to expect such poor service.

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Mikey said...

I agree. I think Manx Customer Service is now so bad it has become a new form of comedy.

But, when asking for "some stamps please", at least we now have the choice between "go fuck yourself" from a manxie or blank incomprehension from a comeover.

Variety is good.