Thursday, December 14, 2006

Again with the Blogging

It’s been everyday this week, which is more than I can usually manage. But I’m trying to make an effort as I’m off work for two weeks over Merry Christmas, and there is no way I’ll get round to blogging at home, it’s strictly a passing the time in the office thing.

This article gave me pause for thought, I only got to number two before I had to stop and rant.

Mohammed is now one of the 20 most popular names for boys born in England and Wales. Mohammed?? OMG. Mind you here on the Rock it’s going to be Andrzej or Piotr in the next few years as the Polish take over.

As for other things, it’s my little Brothers 8th Wedding Anniversary on Monday, so congrats to him and his lovely wife. They are off to (in his words)

Singapore to sample, Xmas spirit, real ale, Guinness, fine food, cheap food, night safari, 5 star hotel, city life, a hangover, the old firm game on Saturday watching in a Irish bar, see the Xmas lights.

Also on the same day is our Mum’s 70th, so the wife and I are talking her to the Atlantis Restaurant, in the Hilton Casino. The food is usually very good, and it over looks the gaming floor. After the meal, I have graciously allowed them both 5 new British pounds to spend on the Roulette Table. Happy Birthday Mum.

Then if that’s not enough, one of the hallowed bloggers of this very tome is 40 on Tuesday. So we are all off Salsa dancing to welcome in the start of his life, as of course Life begins at 40.

That’s it.

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