Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Banks - The Flip Side

I don't like Banks*

But they're a necessary evil. Just like wives.

My bank keeps my money safe for me. Gives me access to it from all over the world. Let's me pay my bills. Let's me spend my wages before it even clears.


And for this they charge me - nothing. In fact, they pay me a very small amount of interest for the joy of caring for me. How bizarre. I'm eternally grateful.

And I never have bank charges. Coz I'm not an idiot. When I only have £10 in my account, I don't write a cheque for £1500. It's not rocket science.

However, if these whiners continue to bug the banks about the legality of charges, then the banks will eventually say "fair enough, you win. We will no longer charge you for having a IQ of below 50. Instead, we will charge everyone an annual fee for their accounts and, just coz we can, we'll charge you 10p for every transaction we process. And 2p for everytime you use a cashtill".

Because although it is not legal to make a profit from bank charges, it is perfectly legal to charge what they like for looking after accounts.

Banks are in this to make money. I'd much rather they made it from stupid people than from me.

*And I don't work for a Bank. I once did, but they fired me. Apparently, shredding files is not "a super efficient way to deal with all the filing I have to do"

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