Friday, December 15, 2006


Nintendo continue to advertise their Wii on TV even though the games console is sold out and unavailable until after Christmas. Why? It's not to motivate people to buy one - cos they are unavailable to buy.

It's to reinforce the smugness of those that do have these consoles. To give them the 'I'm clever' feeling as the conversation crops up around the office and they boast that 'yes - the Wii is a marvellous thing any they enjoy wiiing all night long'.

Smug Bastards!

* especially those who had the forethought to order two! Sell one on Ebay and cover the cost of the original. Smugly of smugliest bar stewards.


No one Really said...

Like me....

Sits back smugly and smugly admires the two Wii's wrapped and already under the Crimbo Tree.

PaulB said...


(My contributions to this Blog should be slighly more lengthy and constructive in the near future).