Monday, December 11, 2006

My Christmas Resolution

I intend to get fat, drunk and happy this Christmas. I shall refrain from going to the Gym for the whole of the Christmas period, and when ever anybody offers me a drink, I shall drink it.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. I want to make this the happiest and best Christmas ever.

  2. I want to see how fat I can get.

  3. I also want to give my knees time to heal.

I actually wrote that first bit some two weeks ago, and so far I have drank pretty much every night.

We had the Boys Annual Christmas Drinks Day Out on Friday and had an exceptional good turnout. I think there were around 10 of us. We started at the Rovers, and had a huge feast, and then got down to som serious drinking. I was in charge of the kitty and think I did pretty well, i.e. the point where I couldn’t talk, drink, or stand up. I then went home. I haven’t heard all the stories yet, they will start to filter in over the next few days. If there are any really juicy ones I’ll pass them on.

On the Christmas front, I’ve done all my shopping and even managed to get hold of TWO Nintendo Wii’s, even though there is much hullabaloo about people not being able to get their hands on them. Obviously, don’t tell the kids as they don’t know they are getting them.

That’s about it really, it’s take me two weeks to get this much on to the Tin Ter Net.

Merry Christmas

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