Monday, December 18, 2006

Parties, Door’s and Mice

Friday night was the wife’s work Christmas Party. Most husbands get told to make sure they behave themselves and not to make a show. Whilst I was under strict orders to ensure I was the life and soul of the Party. I don’t know about that, as the wife and her two work friends seemed to be up for that role. They more than got the barman interested in what they were or were not wearing….

Anyhoo, I danced with any one that would and dragged a few up that wouldn’t. I was feeling a tad too sober at one point and threw down a double vodka chaser just to catch up with “er in doors”. All in all I think we had a very good evening and I am waiting on reports back to see what impression I made.

Saturday Night was a step back in time; years ago (we are actually talking 16 years) I used to work as a Bouncer or Crowd Control Engineer at a local Club. Mainly because I was going in virtually every night and thought, if I worked a couple of nights a week I would get in free the rest and make some money, plus of course all the girls like Doormen. Anyhoo, that was 16 years ago, and I thought I would never have to do that shit again. However, if I could link you to our online Bank Account, you’ll see why I need the second job.

So once again I donned the mystique of the Surly Doorman. Well actually, surly isn’t me; I must be the friendliest, happiest and most affable Doorman in the World. Still that’s just me. I must say, I’m surprised that half the girls out were a) old enough and b) didn’t catch pneumonia. Surely they forgot to put the rest of their outfit’s on and then left their coats in the taxi……

I spent 6 hours looking mean (ish) and fighting off the advances of drunken sluts. There was no trouble at all, which is nice, but it’s no way to make a second living, but it pays well. Still the sooner we win the Lottery the better.

I did find a fiver on the way to work, so things are looking up on the Luck side.

Tonight, it’s my fantastic Mother’s 70th, and we are off to the Casino. Tuesday night is Ady’s 40th and we are out for a few drinks. So I have Tuesday and Wednesday of work. Thursday should be quiet. Then Friday is my works Party which starts at 12.00 in the boardroom, handing out Secret Santa’s and then off for a meal.

Then I’m off for two whole weeks and return on the 8th January.

You’ve heard of Snakes on a Plane, well now read about the sequel, Mice on a Plane.

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