Thursday, December 07, 2006

We're all gonna die

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Unpleasant Environmental Article
Pointless Political Article

Ironic, isn't it, that this environmental article appears in the Independent the day after Gordon Brown puts petrol/aircraft taxes up by a FigRoll or something equally pathetic.

Actually, that's not irony, that's a coincidence. But what is ironic is that I found it ironic. Okay, that makes no sense. Which is itself ironic.

Anyway, we're screwed.

Guess which one would be more detrimental to human life:
1. A Muslim-Christian nuclear confrontation
2. Phytoplankton extinction
3. Brad and Angelina breaking up
4. United being knocked out of the Champions League

Number 2. By miles.

However, even if Gordon Brown had put a quid on a litre of petrol (which I'm strongly in favour of) it would be a drop in the ocean compared to the quantities consumed by the f*cking North Americans where you get a free litre of 'gasoline' with every bagel.

And don't get me started on the Chinese. I don't see why they even have to travel. Since they all look alike, can't they just ring someone at their destination and get them to fill in? Who would know?

Save the planet - turn off your heating and walk to work. Ironic that I do neither.

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Coons last week, and dinks this week.

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