Thursday, January 25, 2007

Consultants and Chairs

We’ve had this “consultant” over for the last three days, going round everyone’s desk and telling us all off for sitting incorrectly, using our keyboards incorrectly and holding the mouse wrong and in the wrong hand. He recommends that everyone uses their mouse with the left hand, as the number pad on keyboards, mean that the mouse is too far away and at the wrong angle. If it’s on the left hand side, it would be better.

Oh Right…

This fella, has managed to spin this out for 3 days, with flights and accommodation thrown in. Not to mention wasting everyone’s time (30/40 each at everyone’s desk). Then at the end of this he gives you a leaflet that explains everything he has just said, almost word for word….. WTF.

No wonder they have no pennies left for my Bonus.

Of course what he tells you is only a recommendation, so you don’t have to follow what he suggests.

The ICING ON THE CAKE, is that because we have curved desks, the arms of everyone’s chair prevents them getting as close as he suggests. So we have to remove the Arms off everyone’s chair. Now when I say we… I mean me, as it is falls under the category, if it’s not Insurance or Accounting, then the IT MANAGER can do it.

So I’m going to spending the next week, taking fucking arms of chairs…. I hate by job at times.

I mean, they been using the same chairs for the past 5 fucking years, and we’ve got along happily.

I even showed him this Article that suggests researchers have found that you should sit at a 135 degree angle. (The one I’ve been sitting at for years). “Oh No, that’s not right”, he says.

Oh I see, I should listen to you over them, because? He didn’t have a reply to that.


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