Monday, January 29, 2007

DJ's and Foot Rests

We went out on Friday night with my Dad, which is something I shall not be getting in to on here. But one thing did annoy me, and that was the Pub DJ. He was up rocking away to his own tunes, happy as Larry. Except that no one was on the Dance Floor. Surely if no one has got up in the first minute of a song, they are not going to suddenly decide, “Oh it’s Birdie Song that been playing for 2 mins, I really like that one, fancy a dance”.

Ok, he’s not going to know what genre is going to get the people up, but if the song is on for a minute and no-one get’s up, changing the fucking song.

There was one other rant, where are those brass foot rests gone that use to festoon Pub’s. Every time I went to get a round, it must have looked like I was riding an imaginary bike, as I try to nonchalantly place my foot on the rest that wasn’t there. You have to try at least twice in case you simply missed with the first one.


Donna said...

Any decent bar MUST have a footbar.

Crash said...

Lets start a campaign for more footrests. Our local has one 3/4 of the way round the bar. I want the other 1/4 doing.