Monday, January 29, 2007

Her Majesty Kills 2 American Military Personnel By Going Down

A long title, but quite a good one I thought.

I was in the gym this morning maxing out my max, or plodding along like a fat bloke on a cross-trainer. I was watching the BBC News 24 channel when there was a report on about a recent battle, can't remember if it was Afghanistan or Iraq, wasn't paying that much attention. Anyhoo, the BBC have obviously invested in some sort of automatic subtitle machine, it's bloody marvelous, the report carried on something along the lines off "300 have been killed in a battle conducted by alliance forces in the Adskhsd area of somewhere, 2 American military personnel were killed...". Straight away I started to think, 300 is a very round figure for a battle, not 307 or 291 but 300 exactly, how strange, if I was a cinic i'd almost thing there was some sort of propaganda thing going on, especially as only 2 of the "Good Guys" got killed.

It was then that the report got surreal "...2 American military personnel were killed as her majesty went down during the battle". WTF. Now everybody knows that Blair doesn't mind getting out the anal lube where George comes a calling, but her Majesty giving head to American military personnel is taking this whole alliance thing too far!

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