Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shilpa Shitty, bitchiness is not racism

I've just had the news on and apparantely this whole Big Brother thing has now escalated into a diplomatic problem. Ofcom have received 16,000 complaints about the treatment of some Bollywood movie star at the hands of the evil white supremecist, Jade "Shit For Brains" Goody. Has the world gone completely mental? As anyone who has ever dealt with women and especially girls will know, the female of the species is bitchy. Obviously there is a scale of bitchiness but the sort of bitchy bitching being dished out on Big Brother is certinaly no more than what you'd find in any playground, lets face it Jade and her "gang" have about the same IQ as the average 8 year old, so why all the fuss? If the victim was ginger, fat or a lesbo then would anything be said, would it bollacks! Talking of racism, if the victim was English, Scottish, Irish or more likely these days Polish would anything be said, would it bollacks! Because it's a Pakistani there is uproar around the globe and 16,000 people wasting there money to phone Ofcom and complain. They are taking the piss out of Shilpa's accent, holly shit, you think that Jade hasn't had abuse about the way she speaks, probably by blacks and asians as well!

Bitchiness is not racism, it's how women deal with other women, get over it. If it helps to remove Jade from TV screens for good though then it's not all bad. By the way I hate racism, if all you can find to hate about somebody is the colour of their skin then you're not looking deep enough.

One final thought, I wonder what chances that the next bomb that goes off is blamed on the treatment of Shilpa and as punishment of our completely racist culture? Surely we deserve to be bombed for this almighty hate crime that is going on before our very eyes.


Mikey said...

I think the key factor here is that the Racism has been identified, publicised and criticised.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. And because Goody is being mocked for hers, then everything is fine.

If, on the other hand, we were supporting Goody for being a racist, then that would be wrong.

So carry on, you stupid cow. Your views (however dumb) let the world know that free speech still exists.

God Bless America

PaulB said...

My point was simply that although all racism is a form of bullying, all bullying is not racism, even if the person you are bullying is of a different race.

Do people honestly believe that somebody who can ask the question "How come Eskimos haven't turned into Ice Men or summit?", has the mental capacity to understand racism and what it means? I think she's doing what comes natural to her, forming a gang and acting like a bitch, at shool it would have been the little girl who didn't like a fag, on Big Brother it's Shilpa. It's not nice and she should be barred from TV for being thick as pig shit forever but it doesn't deserve to make it on to the political map, ever.