Monday, January 22, 2007

Work Rant

A rare work rant from me.

I've been here for four months and successfully passed my probation period. Obviously.

And I've somehow acquired a largish work load. So much so that I'm already balancing multiple projects, one of which MUST be finished by the end of the month.

I had a couple of sick days in December. Genuine ones.

I was handed a letter today telling me that because my sick days occured within the probation period, they're not covered by the Sick Pay Scheme and I will be docked 2 days pay this month. That's quite a bit of cash. It would buy a Wii or an XBox 360.

I was then emailed and told that I had 2 holidays left and that I MUST take them before the end of January or I would lose them.

To recap
- 2 sick days that I must pay for
- 2 holidays that must be taken
- too much work to finish

I suggested that they just cancel each other out.

But no. It's not company policy.

So I will take Wednesday and Thursday off and, hopefully, I will not catch a tummy bug or develop a migraine coz that will ruin any hopes for this urgent project getting finished.

1 comment:

PaulB said...

Once again the red tape brigade screwing up and causing upset.

All you can do is take your hols and deliberatley not finish the project on time, a 2 day over-run due to holidays that you HAD to take may make a point. Let the sales team explain to the client about company policy and holidays.

I know you won't do it but just once it would be nice to make a company responsible for its own policies. Being given deadlines one minute and then an email saying how you have to take time-off before XXX the next is really annoying. What the hell to they expect, you'll finsih it in your own time whilst on holiday?