Monday, January 15, 2007

The worst thing about working from home is...

the need to have the Radio on. Now I'm going solo I'm having to live with my own company all day, as I'm sure the lads will tell you what a bloody treat that is! Even with Gigs of music to listen to it gets repetitive, I'll be looking for some fresh supplies soon. I decided to try the radio. Still being what I consider to be a yoof I started with Radio 1, wow, it's bollox isn't it? The same 6 songs all day interspersed with shite spoutings of fuckwits and assholes. I like Chris Moyles, he's funny and in this day and age not very PC which works for me. I could manage listening to Moyles all day. Jo Whiley reminds me of some aging ladette ex alky whose constantly trying to tell everyone about how pissed she was "this one time". The younger birds appear to be trying to live up to Jo's reputation. Note to Radio producers, there's no point in having slaggy totty on the Radio, it doesn't work. The final part of my day is covered by some Scott bloke who sounds like a pre-pube nerdazoid, if he has 1. a social life or 2. a girlfriend I'll attempt to fit my foot in my mouth live on the webcam. I believe that the evenings are non stop wog music so I'll give that a miss.

Tomorrow I'm going to switch to Radio 2 and see how I get on, what I'm most worried about is actually liking it, surely that will mean I'm getting old and not down with the crew pimping hoes and keeping it real with some bangin gangsta shit.


Mikey said...

"non stop wog music"

Such a Politically Incorrect phrase. And yet it conveys so much information.

Crash said...

You need to start listening to BBC 6 Music.