Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Crap TV

Crap, reality TV really is one of my pet hates. Everyone knows that the 'popularity' of this type of broadcast is down to one simple fact: it's cheap to make.

The worst aspect of reality TV is the phone in vote. It gives the great unwashed the illusion that they're somehow in control.

"Tonight, I can waste more of your worthless time by getting you vote between a goat, a freak and a pile of dung"


So I was pleased to watch the Panorama program which saught to highlight the ultimate insult; getting callers to 'vote' after the decision has already been taken.

For a documentary, there was a big audience (1.6million peaking at 4.5million) with 75% of those phoning in registering their 'displeasure' with these pointless phone votes.

Finally, the public bites back!

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