Monday, April 30, 2007

Dodgy Career Path

There been a lot of talk on here recently about work, and general pissed offness with work. It got me thinking as to how the hell I ended up where I am, so here in its full glory is the list of jobs i've done in chrono.... time order

Computer Games Tester
Door Security
Furniture Mover
Ground Worker
Bank (3 banks to be exact)
Life Assurance
Life Assurance
Database/Web Manager
Hospice Furniture Mover
Civil Servant
Working for myself, woo hoo

That's not too bad for 13 years is it? The best paid job i've ever had in terms of basic hourly rate, overtime etc was the Civil Service. It also had by far the most holidays, the best pension and flexi time. The easiest job i've ever had in terms of the amount of work was the Civil Service by a mile. The best job i've had was my 3rd stint as a programmer at Invisimail, the company was run by a coont but the lads I worked with were and still are top quality. The worst job i've ever had is the Civil Service for no other reason than having to deal with "Born & Bred" employees who have absolutely no idea of just how well off they are, me me me doesn't come close. Not all of them, just some, and it's them some that float to the top of the CS and then drove me insane with anger.

The only regrets I've got are that I haven't stayed in touch with as many people as I should have , and not taking full advantage of the seasonal students at the banks 1999 Christmas Party, damn you beer!

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