Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Suited and Booted

Toilet Advice:
Don't try to wipe your ass if you're wearing a suit jacket.

I'm currently working on a short term contract for a telecoms company. And it's the kind of place you have to wear a full suit, shiny shoes and a silk tie.

So, while everyone was in the kitchen getting coffee, the Sales Manager came up to me;
"I'm assuming you don't normally wear a suit jacket to work?" he asked
"How did you guess?" I replied
"You've got shit all up the back of it"
"Tell me about it", I said, shrugging my shoulders.
"Are we talking about a visit to the little boys room?" he guessed
"Yeah, I just couldn't make any progress at all while cleaning up. Every time I tried to wipe, the flap at the back got all mixed up in the action. It was a nightmare!"
"Try taking the jacket off first. Hang it on the back of the door"

Sounds obvious now.

"Yeah! Of course!" I said "I guess that kind of thinking explains why you earn the big bucks"
"No problem" he smiled
"Only thing is; my wife has sowed my jacket to my pants so I don't lose it. I'd have to get totally naked"
"Okay, this didn't really happen did it?"
"No. Pity though."

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