Friday, August 31, 2007

10 Years, Get Over It

If there's one thing to really annoy me in the morning it's some stupid bitch driving along looking anywhere but forward while talking on her mobile. What makes it worse is when she narrowly misses crashing into our car carrying my wife and daughter. Just to top things of the ignorant cow has the fucking bare faced cheek to have a "baby on board" sticker in the back window (the emphasis should be on you to keep your child safe by not driving like a fucking moron you stupid bitch!), it could just be made out as she sped off through our suburban cull-De-sac. May her days end in a twisted metal car wreck.

Talking of which is it officially Diana day? Did I miss something? Why is this still in the news, why are grown men still crying on my TV? One of the papers has a picture on the front page of Diana, made up of stamps. Wonderful, I take it there is nothing important going on in the world today, there must be murder, starvation, torture going on somewhere. Even Big Brother would be a welcome break from the Diana fest. I'm sure she was very nice, after all she had to put up with being married into royalty/wealth and STILL had the piece of mind to shag famous sportsmen and travel the world (on tax payers money?) promoting charities. Good on her, she's dead now. Any chance we can just have one year without having to listen to the fat gay guy singing Candle in the Wind.

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No one Really said...

Well said, she was just a doe eyed slut as far as I'm concern and played the media and public like a well oiled fiddle.

She just like cock, white, ginger or black: it didn't matter.