Thursday, September 20, 2007

Can You Get A Stomach Replacement?

I've been on a healthy eating plan for a couple of weeks now, it's not a diet (diets are for girls and gays). I'm having cereal for breakfast and lunch which works well because not only do I like cereal but I'm also a cheap bastard. I finally weighed myself yesterday and so far I've lost about 4 pounds, who said this losing weight thing was hard?

Because I'd been doing so well I though a treat was in order so last night we went to the chippy, fish chips and mushy peas for me. This luxury meal has been planned since Monday, I was really looking forward to getting stuck in. I think I broke a world speed record for eating fish and chips, certainly all gone in under 5 minutes.

So this morning I'm woke up by crippling stomach pain, my guts feeling like they are turning themselves inside out. Looks like I've got a day on the bog to look forward to all because of one bastard meal. This is happening more and more, it used to be drinking with food that killed me but now it just seems to be eating anything nice that gets me. Can you get stomach replacements, if so how much do they cost and will anybody sponsor me? Gotta go......

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Donna said...

I get the same thing now. I've been eating healthily mostly now since January. Twice now I've strayed off the path and shared Dominos pizzas with kids/husband and both times I've suffered big time. Last night was the 2nd time and I tossed and turned all night, then exploded on the pan this morning. I'm kind of glad my body objects tho, cos it helps to get back to healthy eating. And I'm a girl so I'm allowed to call it a diet ;)