Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eat My Shorts

Even masters of cool such as myself have bad days, today was a bad day.

  1. Go to gym
  2. Build up a good sweat
  3. Start to stretch
  4. Be joined by a super hot fitty, obviously admiring my style
  5. Hear a strange noise

OH BUGGER! Leave said hotty mentally scarred by the image of my hairy and not so toned ass in her face.


Donna said...

Those shorts look about a hundred years old!!

PaulB said...
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PaulB said...

100, cheaky bugger! They're only 12 years old, I figured I'd get at least onother 10 out of them (I might still if wifey gets her sewing kit out) :)

Donna said...

lol ... perhaps she could add a stretch panel ;)

Donna said...

stretchy D'Oh!

PaulB said...

Some sort of scaffolding might be better to hold these cheeks in!