Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mr and Mrs Average...

...could you please pull down your pants, bend over and take one in the rusty bullet hole for society please?

10 months and numerous phone calls to the town hall later and we still don't have any working street lighting. Not just 1 out but 4 lights not working. I know why nobody is giving a shit to come and fix them, they're too busy financing carved street signs, oil central heating (the gas they put in was too expensive apparently!) and new street lights for anybody in social housing. After all one does need a suitable hand carved oak well lit street sign to walk past when one is walking from ones BMW to ones very warm council house.

I feel like a right stupid fucker for paying a mortgage, owning a house, working and all that other shit that Mr and Mrs Average do. To make things worse I've got the bloody cheek to live in the outskirts in a over priced cardboard kit house instead of a drug flat in the centre of town. This is what really gets on my tits, "You people out there, you in your own houses! We'd like you all to pay lots of money so that we can give these people over here in the centre of town more money for their drugs! While we're at it we'll need some cameras outside their doors put up just in case somebody comes to collect an unpaid drug debt." The centre of Douglas is a much safer place than our little suburbia, the only time we ever see a police officer is when they come to stock up from the drug dealer on the corner. Maybe that's why they've not bothered with the street lighting?

It's not just the Isle of Man either. One of the wife's Irish friends was back home again recently and she was amazed and what's going on over there. Centre of Dublin, lovely place, safe, couldn't be better. It seems that people are now venturing out to the back of beyond to do their murdering.

We were over in Liverpool a few weeks ago on a shopping expedition. That place has really turned around. As a born and bred United fan I hate all things scouse, but even I'll admit that we had a great couple of days. We wandered around, getting lost a few times down some dodgy back lanes but not once did I feel anything but safe. Large Police presence, very clean city centre it was great. It made me wonder though, what about outside the city centre. What about Mr and Mrs Suburbia that are footing the bill here, hopefully they're getting a fair deal or are all the scummy fuckers just heading out of town to do their nasty shit? I think I know the answer to that one already. Regenerate and Police one area, ignore the rest.

Doesn't seem to matter who the government is, Manx, Irish or UK they've all got the same idea. Coooonts.

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