Friday, September 14, 2007

return of the man bag

With the upcoming Indiana Jones IV movie - this would be a great time for fashion designers to push the concept of 'the man bag' into the fore. I, for one, am gagging to empty the pockets of my coat/jacket/indecently tight 501's, into some cool satchel type bag designed with a man in mind.

I know there are manbags out there for sale. I just don't have the confidence to be a trend setter. So once it becomes the norm amongst the office wallah set, then perhaps I'll feel safe in slinging on a manbag and saving the blushes of womenfolk everywhere as I explain that 'why, yes. It is an overstuffed wallet in my pocket - thank you for noticing!'

ps - manbags should have cool pockets and hidden compartments and holster-thingies (where a gun could possibly go - but is actually used for a mobile phone). Where a bloke could keep a sack full of sand, snake poison antidote, handy penknife, compass and survival gear, and a quart of vodka. Perhaps with more webbing.

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