Friday, September 14, 2007

Support Jim Davidson - nick, nick

So, ITV puts a racist, homophobic, bigot with an evolutionary dead-end (i.e. a homosexual) on a reality show (and a few bottles of plonk).

OMG - something not-PC is aired. "Oops" says the Producer. "Sack him" says the Director. "Make sure the Daily Mail doesn't get hold of this" says the PR Guy (with heavy sarcasm).

Personally, I think JD is funny. I don't know why, I usually prefer surreal humour.

I think he's funny without even saying anything. The humour comes not from what he says, but from the anticipation of what he might say. The things I imagine him saying to a [insert minority] are usually worse than what he actually says.

I'd probably hate him if I met him.

But I'll bet £10,000 that JD feels more genuine remorse over upsetting the Faggot than the Faggot feels for putting out the dying embers of a once-successful career with his Crocodile Tears.

In summary: JD is a bigot. That's his career. Dowling is a Camp caricature. That's his career. You're entertainers for Gods sake. At least JD did what was required of him. Does Dowling really believe he's on TV for his good looks and Shakespearian ability? No, he's the perfect stereotype of a gay target. Live with it.

Rant over.

p.s. How long till the word 'bigot' is as offensive to the straight-white-male minority as 'shirt-lifter' is to the growing flower-arranging community.

p.p.s. Yeah, I said Faggot. If you don't want to be offended - STOP READING BLOGS

p.p.p.s. Bizarrely, I couldn't give two hoots about a persons sexual orientation. But I HATE whinging celebrities and people who use their minority status to their advantage.

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