Thursday, June 01, 2006

£14.50 Bastards

My usual stylist is on holiday and as such I had to go to a Men’s Hairdresser this lunch time to get my flowing locks trimmed and coiffured.

The hairdresser was pleasant if rough, but still acceptable.

Although why oh why they bother talking to me I’ll never know. I’m not the most chattiest of people, still waters running deep and all that, so they always start off asking questions, but invariably give up after 5 mins on one word answers.

“So, on your Lunch hour?”, “Yes”.

“Going anywhere nice for a holiday this year?”, “No”.

“Been to watch the bikes yet?”, “No”.

You get the idea…. Give up son, I just want a fricking haircut in peace.


“How much is that then mate?” £14.50……

For 6 mins of running a hair clipper over me????

For fuck sakes, where’s your mask you highway robber…

Thieving gypsy Pikey Scummer fuckers…

Sharon is deffo getting a big bunch of flowers and wine when she get’s back, as she saves me a fortune.

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